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Saudiarabien: Muzzling Critical Voices: Politicized trials before Saudi Arabia’s Specialized Criminal Court

Indien: India becoming a dangerous place for peaceful protests

Bahrain: General Stifling of freedom of expression on Social Media

Angola: Security forces violently disperse pro-independence march

Nigeria: Assault on freedom of expression

Iran: Death toll from bloody crackdown on protests rises to 208

Irak: Eyewitness describes ’street filled with blood‘ as at least 25 protesters killed in security force onslaught

Vietnam: STOP intimidation and harrassmaent of independent publishing house

Marokko: Sentencing of rapper Gnawi to one year in prison a flagrant assault on freedom of expression

Türkei: A dark day for press freedom in politically-motivated trial injustice

Südsudan: Journalists at risk ahead of unity government

8. Februar 2020